AeroShell Grease 22 for Aviation

AEROSHELL GREASE 22 Keep your aircraft wheels turning for longer by applying AeroShell Grease 22 to their bearings. This general-purpose aviation grease offers excellent corrosion resistance, anti-wear properties and load-carrying properties throughout the extreme operating conditions your aircraft faces. As well as your wheel bearings, use Grease 22 on a wide range of applications, including […]

DuraDrive 668 Tech Services Petro Canada

TECH SERVICES SPOTLIGHT DuraDrive 668 Check out our PetroCanada DuraDrive Synthetic ATF 668 products here. Last year, Allison Transmission unveiled a new specification for their heavy-duty ATF program called TES 668™ Now, Allison-approved TES 668™ ATFs are hitting the market.   In the latest episode of Petro-Canada Lubricants Live, Paul Hetherington, senior technical services advisor and president of […]

Purus Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Purus Diesel Exhaust Fluid Purus Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a non-toxic, clear, chemical, urea solution for use as a reducing agent in diesel-powered vehicles with SCR systems. Toxic NOx exhaust emissions are reduced to the following components of air, nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide, thereby removing previous environmentally and physically damaging pollutants from further […]

Saylor Beall Crankcase Breather

Saylor Beall Crankcase Breather While the new Saylor-Beall crankcase breather might seem low tech at a first glance, it is a substantial improvement to the operation of our compressor pumps. In a two-stage compressor there is always a problem with pressure pulsation as pistons move up and down through the cylinder.   Since the bottom […]

TransAir Piping Equipment Installation

TransAir Piping Below you will find some of the highlights along with links to our landing page and additional TransAir Videos. To get a better idea of the time savings which surrounds the installation portion of TransAir vs. Black Pipe please take a moment and watch this  Pipe Challenge video.     Exotic TransAir […]

Jax Lubricants Presentation from 2021

Jax Lubricants Presentation Please check the attached Jax Presentation. Jax Lubricants Key Highlights include: Key Markets OEM Relationships & Approvals Food Grade Lubricants Glossary of Terms Compresyn Environmental Acceptable Lubricants Glossary of Terms Bio-Guard Lube-Guard Program RPM Laboratory Fluid Analysis Jax Lubricants Presentation   You can see our full Jax Lubricants line here. And if […]

Richcut R68 Edrich Products

Richcut R68 RICHCUT R68 is an EP fortified straight machining oil specifically formulated for the machining and grinding of ferrous, non-ferrous, and carbide containing metals. RICHCUT R68’s extreme pressure and lubricity additive package enhances part finishes and measurably extends tool life.   Please follow and like us: