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Coolant Charts

Penray recommends that all cooling system tests be performed using Penray’s Universal 3-Way Test Strips. Penray also recommends using Fleetcharge® or DDC PowerCool® Antifreeze for conventional coolant.

*For your convenience, Penray carries refractometers (part # AR-102) and pre-printed adjustment charts. Always refer to the maintenance manual for the vehicle before making any changes to the cooling system

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Penray offers 7 different coolant charts that will help you maintain cooling systems of all types and sizes.


Please click on the category that best suits your cooling system needs.

Typical Over-the-Road System 

Large System 100-8000 Gallons 50% Antifreeze/50% Water 

Large System 100-8000 Gallons 25% Antifreeze/75% Water

Large System 100-8000 Gallons 100% Water

Large System Metric 400-4000 Liters 50% Antifreeze / 50% Water

Large System Metric 400-4000 Liters 25% Antifreeze / 75% Water

Large System Metric 400-4000 Liters 100% Water

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