Shell Lubricants DPQA

DPQA Program by Shell Lubricants

Our Commitment….

Shell Lubricants and Rowleys Wholesale are committed to continuous quality improvements. Customers expect this commitment from Shell and their Distributors.  The Distributor Product Quality Assurance Program provides standards and inspections to assist and monitor the quality of Distributors who are authorized to handle and or repackage bulk lubricants. This is accomplished by contractually requiring any Distributor to meet and maintain a “DPQA” quality system, which is designed to provide customers with the highest quality products possible.

Shell Lubricants manufactures and distributes lubricants, greases, antifreeze/coolants, and car care products under various brands, including Shell, Pennzoil, and Quaker State.

The Distributor Product Quality Assurance System covers the following crucial areas at our location:

  • Administrative handling
  • Warehouse
  • Transport truck receiving / unloading
  • All transfer piping in facility
  • Bulk tanks
  • Container filling
  • Bulk Loading
  • Distributors Bulk Vehicles / Vessels
  • Bulk Unloading
  • Antifreeze handling
  • Brake fluid handling
  • Turbine products handling
  • DPQA Inspection – Routine sampling
  • DPQA Random Sampling Program
  • Chain of Custody Evaluations

The advantages of a genuine DPQA culture are many….

  • Provides our highest quality product
  • Helps reduce product contamination
  • Nationwide consistency of distribution system
  • Meets OEM requirements consistently
  • Improves Distributors Inventory management
  • Maintains original production quality
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