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Eaton Approved Lubricants Update

Important Eaton Transmission Lubricant Update – January 2017

  1. Lubricant specification PS-164 Rev 7 is being replaced on January 1, 2017 by PS-386. All applications that required the use of PS-164 Rev7 will now require the use of PS-386.
  2. OEM Production: All Major OEMs have transitioned to the PS-386 approved lubricant in 2016.
  3. Aftermarket: Eaton recognizes there was a transition period of the existing stock of PS-164 Rev7. Both PS-164 Rev 7 and PS-386 can be mixed together: top-offs using either fluid are permitted.
  4. Procision transmission: PS-278 approved lubricant is the only acceptable fluid for the Procision transmission. Do not use PS-278 fluid in other transmissions.
  5. Introduction of approved lubricant logos: These new logos are mandatory on all containers to help easily identify approved PS-386 and PS-278 suppliers. All containers must display the approved lubricant logo on their labels.
PS-386 Synthetic Transmission Fluid

PS-386 Synthetic Transmission Fluid
PS-278 Procision Transmission Fluid

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