Ford Diesel Engine Oil Specification Approval

Shell Position on new Ford Diesel Engine Oil Specification – December 1, 2016

As communicated in the position statement released by Shell Lubricants on November 10, 2016, Ford Motor Company has developed a new engine oil specification, Ford Material Engineering Specification WSS-M2C171-F1, which goes into effect December 1, 2016. Ford will recommend that all diesel engine oils meet this new Ford specification in order to be used in Ford diesel vehicles.

The Shell Lubricants technical team has worked quickly and diligently and gained approval on several Shell ROTELLA® products. The remaining products are still in the approval process. These products and their status are indicated in the table below.

rotella t ford approvals

It’s important to note also that the engine test required by Ford to gain final approval is being finalized and has not been released to the industry. Shell Lubricants continues to work closely with Ford to progress the approval process as much as possible and we remain confident that we will obtain approvals soon.

In the meantime, Shell Lubricants stands behind the Shell ROTELLA® products and we recommend that customers continue to use our products in their Ford 6.7L diesel engines.

As a leader in the development and launch of APICK-4 technology, several of our products have already been upgraded in the marketplace and are already delivering our next generation of hard working protection to our customers. With the extensive bench /engine testing and field trials showing improvements* in wear protection, deposit and oxidation control, Shell Lubricants is confident our products will continue to provide the protection and performance our customers have come to rely on from the leading brand of diesel engine oil in North America. * compared to the legacy CJ-4 formulations

The legacy of Shell ROTELLA® heavy duty engine oils has been one of providing hard working protection in diesel applications, and we are confident that our next generation of hard working products will continue to meet the needs of our customers for use in their Ford diesel engines.

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