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Hydrex field testing for Power Savings

Field Tests reveal a power savings of up to 41% with Hydrex

HYDREX EXTREME and HYDREX XV outperform monograde hydraulic oils in low-temperature operations where system responsiveness is key — including hydraulic safety devices — to help your equipment deliver peak performance even in extreme conditions.


Petro-Canada Lubricants and MSOE completed a study about fluid property effects on power consumption on a hydraulic system at low temperatures.


The video showcases the benefits of HYDREX multigrade hydraulic fluids:

·     Use in wide temperature ranges

·     Improved operating efficiency and system responsiveness

·     Reduced power consumption

·     Significant power savings

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Features and Benefits of XV All Season

  • Offers increased productivity in very hot or cold temperatures
  • Energy efficiencies are realized compared to monograde hydraulic oil when exposed to wide temperature fluctuations
  • Allows hydraulic systems to start at temperatures as low as -34°C/-29°F, with an operating range between -14°C/7°F to 90°C/194°F for mobile equipment, and -14°C/7°F to 78°C/172°F for industrial machinery

Applications for XV All Season

  • Suited for industrial machinery used in forestry, construction, mining, public utility and marine operations.

petro hydrex extreme

Features and Benefits of HYDREX Extreme

  • For severe low and high temperature hydraulic oil protection for year round conditions.
  • For extremely wide temperature protection ranging from high to severely low temperatures.
  • Oxidation stability extends time between hydraulic oil changes
  • Minimizes sludge build-up that can lead to wear and shorter hydraulic filter life
  • Allows hydraulic systems to start at temperatures -49°C/-56°F, with operating range between -32°C/-26°F and 64°C/147°F

Applications for HYDREX Extreme

  • Recommended for vane, gear and axial piston hydraulic pumps over an extremely wide range of operating temperatures
  • Suitable for applications where systems must be started up at very low temperatures but have higher temperatures during operation
  • Suitable for use in bucket trucks operating around power lines or in bucket truck hydraulic systems requiring extreme low temperature pumpability
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