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ILSAC GF-6 Petro Canada

ILSAC GF-6 six months later


ILSAC GF-6 launched in May 2020 but now more than six months later, how has the industry responded and what questions are customers asking about the new standard?

This article will provide an update on the adoption of GF-6 in the passenger car industry, tackle some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the standard and share the final milestone in the transition to GF-6.

The transition has been seamless. With expert support, distributors have managed their stocks to pull down existing inventory and lubricant manufacturers have ensured that GF-6 products have entered the distribution network. This is vital for distributors and customers, as it ensures that existing products are not wasted and that the transition to GF-6 products is as smooth as possible.


The backward compatibility of the specification plays a significant role in this process, as it helps to reassure end customers, ensuring a simple transition to GF-6.

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