ILSAC GF-6 IS HERE. Petro Canada Information


ILSAC GF-6 is here. We’re launching with SUPREME confidence


1589*-ILSAC GF-6 and API SP are the new standards that meet the needs of the latest vehicles and legacy fleet. Now, the market is ready for an exceptional oil brand – and we’re in the driver’s seat.

We’re launching new SUPREME™ with advanced formulations, high-impact packaging, and a campaign built around what drivers want most: SUPREME CONFIDENCE.

The first oil with liquid diamond technology


liquid diamond

To make sure consumers understand what’s special about SUPREME, we’ve given it a unique advantage: LIQUID DIAMOND TECHNOLOGY. It’s our way to show consumers that SUPREME combines PROTECTION and PERFORMANCE – and it’s unique to SUPREME.




How GF-6 has raised oil performance

  • Potential for better fuel economy
  • Potential for better fuel economy retention
  • Better oxidation control to resist degrading at high engine temperatures
  • Better piston cleanliness preserving engine performance
  • Far better timing chain protection protecting engines against potentially severe damage

petro canada gf-6







The SUPREME GF-6 bottle offer

·     SUPREME, SUPREME Synthetic, SUPREME High Mileage, SUPREME Synthetic Hybrid are all being upgraded to upgraded to ILSAC GF-6 and/or API SP

·     1L (12x1L C12 SKU suffix) 48 cases per pallet (48″x45″)

·     5L (4x5L C20 SKU suffix) 30 cases per pallet (pallet 48″x48″)

·     Black or silver depending on the specific product

·     C16 pack size for SUPREME to be discontinued. We will be offering 4L bottles in place of 5L bottles until inventory is depleted

·     We also have our other standard product offers – 6 USG Petro-Pak, drum, tote and bulk. Check with your sales account manager for specifics





Coming soon call your account representative for more details





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