shell lubricants supplier

#1 Global Lubricants Supplier for the 11th Year in a Row!

Shell Lubricants

Shell held its global market leading position with an 11% market share, in terms of volume– selling 4,400 kilotonnes of finished lubricants. This is equivalent to almost 5 billion litres of finished product. Sales are split almost evenly between sales to the consumer automotive, industrial and commercial automotive sectors.

Huibert Vigeveno, Shell Global Commercial, Executive Vice President (including Shell Lubricants) said: “Shell Lubricants is on a strong growth path across the many markets that we operate in. We are making significant investments into our portfolio of brands, products and services as well to further develop our world class supply chain capabilities. We continue to evolve to meet the opportunities and challenges of a fast-paced business environment, while keeping a sharp focus on developing genuine alliances, developing customer-centric solutions and innovating through research and technology.’’

He further stated ‘’The recognition from Kline & Company signals that we are on the correct path and is a testament to the dedication of our 9,000 employees who are delivering excellent solutions to a diverse portfolio of customers across multiple industries.”

Shell Lubricants is the market leader in three of the 16 individual markets covered in the report.  The markets are: Malaysia, United Kingdom and the United States. Furthermore, the company is also in the top three ranking in ten further markets.  Which are: Argentina, Canada, China, Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH), Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Thailand.

To cater to the increased demand for lubricants driven by the automotive and industrial sector, Shell has invested in hundreds of millions of dollars in its supply chain. And continuously on a journey to upgrade and grow its world class supply chain network. It has 40 lube oil blending plants, 5 base oil plants and 10 grease plants. And to further align with market demand in Asia, Shell is opening a new Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) and Grease Manufacturing Plant (GMP) in Tuas, Singapore. As a result this strategic move to integrate LOBP and GMP sites will enable the capacity expansion needed to support the expected demand growth in the region.

shell lubricants supplier

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