M5839 Engine Oil Filter Service Bulletin

And T5839 Engine Oil Filter Service

February 22, 2018

Technical Service Bulletin IPC 172

Due to the location of the oil filter housing on the engine, some installers find themselves applying side pressure when extracting the filter cartridge. In some cases, this pressure could dislodge the center tube from the housing – causing it to come out along with the used filter.

This has led to situations where the center tube was mistakenly disposed of along with the old cartridge filter.  And a new filter was installed without the center tube.

Please note that this center tube is a critical component of the filter housing assembly.  And thread it back into the housing before installation of the new filter. Failure to Re
Install the Center Tube Could Result in Serious Engine Damage

Failure to properly re
install the center tube before inserting the new cartridge filter will cause oil to bypass filter. Unfiltered oil could deteriorate engine components at an accelerated rate leading to serious engine damage.

Do not install the M5839 if the center tube assembly is missing from the cartridge filter housing. Again, this tube should be retained and re
installed if necessary when removing a used cartridge filter.

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