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New Cabin Air Filters, National Lubricants, and Edrich Products

New Service Pro Cabin Air Filters

Product SKU #: SPMC10671

  • Product Category: CABIN FILTERMC10671
  • Filter Style: PAPER FRAME
  • OEM Manufacturer: CHRYSLER
  • Product OEM #: 68347555 AA
  • Principal Application: FIAT 500X 1.4, 2.4 ’18-’17


Product SKU #: SPMC10672

  • Product Category: CABIN FILTER
  • Filter Style: PAPER FRAMEMC10672
  • OEM Manufacturer: KIA
  • Product OEM #: 97133-C1000
  • Principal Application: KIA CADENZA ’17


Product SKU #: SPMC10626C

  • Product Category: CABIN FILTER
  • Filter Style: PAPER FRAMEMC10626C
  • OEM Manufacturer: VW / AUDI
  • Product OEM #: 1K1 819 669
  • Principal Application: VW BEETLE ’17


Product SKU #: SPMC10641

  • Product Category: CABIN FILTER
  • Filter Style: PAPER FRAMEMC10641
  • OEM Manufacturer: VOLVO
  • Product OEM #: 31449209
  • Principal Application: VOLVO XC60, S60, V60, CROSS COUNTRY 2.0L ’17


Product SKU #: SPMC11547

  • Product Category: CABIN FILTER
  • Filter Style: MC11547
  • OEM Manufacturer: TOYOTA
  • Product OEM #: 87139-F4010
  • Principal Application: TOYOTA C-HR 2.0 ’18


New National Lubricants

Product SKU #: NL06122655

  • National AW32 Hydraulic – 6/1 Gal

Product SKU #: NL06121070

  • National Multi-Purpose ATF – 6/1 Gal

Edrich Products

Advanced Metalworking Fluid Specialists

EDRICH Products of Fraser, Michigan, is a leader in customer support and noted blender of premium metalworking fluids, industrial cleaners and protective packaging products. Our high-quality products are formulated using the latest technologies and highest quality base oils and additives.

Celebrating more than 45 Years of Excellence

Our on-site laboratory ensures the quality of incoming raw materials and outgoing shipments. Each raw material and finished lubricant is tested against product standards for compliance.
In addition, our product development lab is continually generating new products and can customize existing products to meet specialized customer demands. Certificates of Analysis are available upon request

When Performance Matters:

  • Develop, Manufacture, & Warehouse On-Site
  • Strict Quality Control in Production
  • Formulating to Optimize Fluid Performance
  • Proven Leadership & Service for over 40 Years

Machining Fluids

Full line of metalworking fluids, from machining & grinding fluids to drawing, forming & die casting lubricants.

Machining Fluids: Metal Removal Fluids

Cutting & Grinding Fluids

  • Straight Oils
  • Soluble Oils
  • Semi-Synthetic Fluids
  • Synthetic Fluids
  • MQLs, EDM Oils

Forming Fluids: Metal Forming Fluids

Drawing & Stamping Fluids

  • Oil Based Water Soluble Fluids
  • Synthetic Fluids
  • Vanishing Lubricants

Die Cast Lubricants

  • Graphite Free Emulsion

Visit our product offering here. 


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