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New Janitorial Items, Air Filters, and Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo 3

New Service Pro Air Filters

Product SKU #: SMA10579

  • Product Category: AIR FILTERSMA10579
  • Filter Style: ROUND SPECIAL
  • OEM Manufacturer: FORD
  • Product OEM #: HC3Z-9601B
  • Principal Application: FORD F-250 6.2 GAS ’17




Product SKU #: SMA10587

  • Product Category: AIR FILTERMA10587
  • Filter Style: FLEX PANEL
  • OEM Manufacturer: MERCEDES-BENZ
  • Product OEM #: 281 094 00 00
  • Principal Application: SMART FORTWO 0.9L ’16



Product SKU #: SMA10599

  • Product Category: AIR FILTERSMA10599
  • Filter Style: RIGID PANEL
  • OEM Manufacturer: NISSAN
  • Product OEM #: 16546-EZ31A
  • Principal Application: NISSAN TITAN 5.6 ’17


Product SKU #: SMA11542

  • Product Category: AIR FILTERSMA11542
  • Filter Style: FLEX FILTER
  • OEM Manufacturer: AUDI
  • Product OEM #: 3Q0 129 620
  • Principal Application: AUDI TT QUATTRO RS 2.5 ’18


Product SKU #: SMA10655

  • Product Category: AIR FILTERSMA10655
  • Filter Style: RADIAL SEAL
  • OEM Manufacturer: GM
  • Product OEM #: 39030321
  • Principal Application: CHEVY CRUZE 1.6 DIESEL ’18-’17



Product SKU #: SMA10629

  • Product Category: AIR FILTERSMA10629
  • Filter Style: RIGID PANEL
  • OEM Manufacturer: HYUNDAI
  • Product OEM #: 28127-B1000
  • Principal Application: HYUNDAI GENESIS 5.0 ’18-’15 (2-PC SET)



New Yellow 26″ Wet Floor Sign

Two-sided trilingual (English, French, Spanish) message. Accepts barrier chains and tape for connecting multiple signs.






New 35 Quart Yellow Side Press Mop Bucket

Splash Guard Combo Pack 35 qt side-press wringer. Coupled with non-marking casters.






New Oil Dri Leak & Spill 40 Lb Economical Absorbent

Specially processed using less energy (heat) makes Leak & SpillĀ® more cost effective for the thrifty minded. In addition, this softer clay is intended for immediate cleanup and disposal.

ODI01340G50oil dri leak & spill i01340g50




Bridgestone Dueler AT REVO 3

Light/Medium Truck All Season
The new generation of Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo 3 tire showcases the most advanced engineering, featuring our new Traction Claw™ Technology and longer limited treadwear warranty.

Replacing Dueler AT REVO 2


BS000024 LT285/70R17 LRE OWLdueler at revo 3

BS000043 P275/65R18 114T OWL

BS000037 P245/75R16 109T OWL

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