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Power Service Prepping for Winter Weather

Power Service Prepping for Winter Weather

We received a great alert from Power Service. If you have Diesel tanks in your operation please take a moment to read through the useful information below.

There is arctic air moving into the northern states starting Saturday, February 6th through Wednesday, February 10th.  We are expecting the coldest temperatures of the winter 2020/2021 season, with sustained subzero moving through Wisconsin and single digits throughout Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky.  Diesel Fuel Supplement, Arctic Express, and Diesel 911 will be in high demand in the next week.  Ahead of this weather system, I wanted to send a reminder of winter best practices.


Water freezes first.  There will be a ton of equipment sitting throughout the weekend, and if there is water present in truck tanks, equipment tanks, dispenser filters, etc. – many winter operability issues can be traced back to ice.  If you suspect water is present, remember that Clear-Diesel Fuel and Tank Cleaner is a strong dispersant and can be used to remove moisture in a fuel system prior to freezing temperatures.  In the event of freezing issues, Diesel 911 is the emergency product that will reliquefy gelled fuel and melt ice in fuel filters and tanks.


Ensure fuel is double treated with our antigel Diesel Fuel Supplement well before the temperatures drop.  The antigel must be added and mixed into the fuel prior to the fuel reaching its Cloud Point.  If the fuel is already hazy, it is too late – the paraffin crystals have already started to drop out and increase in size and will cause filter plugging issues.  In the event a customer has untreated fuel that has started to cloud or gel,  Diesel 911 and/or #1 Diesel can be blended in to thin out the paraffin and restore operability.


Selecting fuels with lower Cloud Points will give you a much better starting point.  It is much easier for our cold flow packages to protect against fuel gelling when we are starting with a Cloud Point of 0*F vs +12*F.


Check out our product offering.  And give your Account Representative a call if you have any concerns, we are here to help.

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