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Product Removal Precaution

Product Notification the following part numbers may experience end-cap separation when removing from the housing. When installed properly, the filters meet or exceed factory specifications. In other words, while in service, the filters perform as they should. But there is a slight possibility of an endcap coming loose upon filter removal…therefore we are advising the professional technician to take a moment and inspect this filter upon replacement.

product removal chart

Filter Replacement Special Instructions – when removing the used filter, please inspect to be sure the endcap remains attached to the filter media assembly. If you do not see the endcap on the filter, then it is likely that the removal process separated the end cap and left it in the housing. This endcap needs to be removed by hand or light tool before installing the new cartridge.

Manufacturer Corrective Actions have been put in place as of March 1, 2017. These actions have been in place to ensure a more robust endcap assembly, confirming greater continuity in quality. The improved production filters are now beginning to ship. However, we advise that you continue this special inspection for the next few months, as older affected inventory may be in use until subsequent oil & filter changes.

FP 17 09 - SOPUS cartridge filter product removal precaution FIN












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