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Recall – SPE2222 and SPE2500

Recall – E2222 and E2500

Immediate Action Required: Do not sell product, segregate, and return.


A deficiency in the structure of the anti-drain back valve used in the E2222 and E2500 oil filters creates a potential for the material to tear.  This issue is on a limited production of these two oil filters.  Please see below for details and required actions.



  • Production of the suspect oil filters is limited to date codes from 10/01/2018 to 03/13/19. Any receipts of oil filters after 11/15/18 and until 3/14/19 should be investigated to determine the date codes of such stock.

All customers with possible affected filters have been contacted.  Please reach out to your Rowleys Account Representative if you have not been given the Recall form in order to be reimbursed for the replacement Oil Changes. 

E222 and E2500 Product Recall

Stock Options Update: March 22nd, 2019

Updated SPE2222 and SPE2500 will be arriving shortly.  We have Pennzoil Platinum HE PZHPZ167 and PZHPZ173 replacement options also on their way.  EcoGard Brand S2222 and S2500 Synthetic Extended Protection Oil Filters are yet a third option we will have during this transition period. The EcoGard are expected early in the week of March 25th.

SPE11642 is a new item that meets the new pressure regulations, and is several months out of being available yet.  It will be a Service Pro Extended Protection Oil Filter.  The PZ194 or PO194 Pennzoil and Performax Oil Filters, currently meet the new pressure regulation.  You may be able to utilize many applications with these two filters, currently in stock. Please refer to the latest vehicle applications while taking note of the new 25 PSI by-pass valve Oil Filter. The 194 may not be a direct cross for all applications.

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