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DPQA Program by Shell Lubricants

Our Commitment…. Shell Lubricants and Rowleys Wholesale are committed to continuous quality improvements. Customers expect this commitment from Shell and their Distributors.  The Distributor Product Quality Assurance Program provides standards and inspections to assist and monitor the quality of Distributors who are authorized to handle and or repackage bulk lubricants. This is accomplished by contractually […]

Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI) Certification

Rowleys Wholesale is a Rotary Authorized Installer Rotary has honored Rowleys with their certification process across many avenues of service knowledge.   Our equipment repair team has been given a Light Duty Above Ground Lift specification.  ServAll has evaluated our Performance Ratings and given Rowleys a 90%.  This standardized rating is based on our communication, response time and managing of paperwork; and our ability […]

Technical Bulletin: Service Pro Oil Filter SM5839

SM5839 Technical Bulletin Vehicles with HENGST or UFI oil filter adapters or caps Service Pro currently recommends only the SM5839 for GM vehicles with 1.4L engines. However, we have recently identified that the Service Pro SM5839 is one of two possible options for GM vehicles with 1.4L Engine. The markings on the oil filter adaptor […]

Next Generation Shell Hydraulic Oils – Shell TELLUS® S2 MX and Shell TELLUS S2 VX

Next Generation Shell Hydraulic Oils Coming Soon Shell TELLUS® S2 MX and Shell TELLUS S2 VX Dear Valued Customers, We are excited to share that Shell Lubricants* is launching Shell TELLUS S2 MX and Shell TELLUS S2 VX hydraulic oils. These lubricants are formulated with technology designed for Group II base oils and were developed […]

Preparing for CK-4/FA-4

CK-4/FA-4 The American Petroleum Institute (API) has created two new categories of heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifications for North America. Shell has played a leading role in this process and has developed and tested next generation low- and high-viscosity oils that will meet the new specifications without compromising oil life or wear protection. On July […]

Service Pro Brake Cleaner

CHLORINATED VERSUS NON-CHLORINATED BRAKE CLEANER WHY? During the late 80’s oil recyclers starting checking oil for “chlorinated” solvents If they found chlorinated solvents in the drain oil, they were refusing the drain oil because they could not recycle chlorinated solvents out of the drain oil The brake cleaner industry came up with a non-chlorinated version […]