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Richcut 5609

Richcut 5609

Synthetic Machining & Grinding Coolant

RICHCUT 5609 is an oil-free synthetic machining and grinding coolant for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. RICHCUT 5609 is ideally suited for general purpose machining and grinding where one coolant is desired for both operations. The ultimate in coolant cleanliness and tramp oil separation.


  • Excellent extreme pressure and boundary lubrication for tough machining jobs, prolonging tool life and providing excellent part finishes
  • Excellent rust protection for machinery and parts, reducing the amount of scrapped and reworked parts.
  • Good tramp oil rejecting properties and biostability, maximizing sump life.
  • Multi-metal compatible and designed for use in many operations, reducing product inventory.
  • Operator friendly and provides clean work areas.

Forms a clear solution when diluted with water. The coolant remains stable at all proportions. Sump should be cleaned with RICHPREP 2 prior to recharging with fresh coolant. The use of a refractometer and good coolant management techniques are recommended.

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richcut 5609

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