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RichForm 5150

RichForm 5150

Light Duty Vanishing Lubricant

RICHFORM 5150 is an evaporative lubricant designed to form ferrous and non-ferrous metals without the need for post cleaning processes. The evaporative nature of the lubricant produces a clean, dry part, with excellent corrosion resistance. An ideal choice for aluminum and copper alloys when extremely fast lubricant drying – less than one hour – and cleanliness of the finished part is critical.


  • Excellent wetting properties, providing outstanding part finishes and prolonging die life.
  • Excellent rust protection for machinery and parts, reducing the amount of scrapped and reworked parts.
  • Ease of use – eliminates lubricant mixing and measuring, lubricant residues, and post cleaning operations.
  • Compatible with most paints and coatings.

RICHFORM 5150 is only applied as received. The product requires no measuring or mixing. The lubricant is perfectly dry in less than one hour. Drying time decreases with higher air temperature and air circulation. RICHFORM 5150 may be applied by roller, drip, immersion, brush, or spray methods.

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richform 5150

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