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Richprep 2 Edrich products for Machine Sumps

Richprep 2

Machine Sump Cleaner/Sanitizer

RICHPREP 2 is a water dilute able low alkaline cleaner with heavy duty detergency and a built-in rust preventative. The use of RICHPREP 2 in central systems or individual machine tool sumps will extend the life of the fresh coolant. This is accomplished by simultaneously emulsifying tramp oils, lifting coolant sludge, and eliminating microbial growth.

Richprep 2 Benefits

  • Outstanding cleaning and rinsing properties to aid in the effortless removal of various soils.
  • Oil rejecting properties and biostable, maximizing sump life
  • Built in corrosion protection to prevent any flash rusting of machine or parts
  • Operator friendly and provides clean work areas


  1. Completely drain coolant sump.
  2. Remove all swarf, chips and other solids
  3. Charge system with fresh water and then add RP2 at 5-10% concentration – (based on severity of contamination).
  4.  Allow RP2 to circulate for at least two hours. The longer the dwell time the better the conditioning.
  5. Manual scrubbing, changing filters may be necessary and in areas where cleaner cannot reach.
  6. Completely empty the RICHPREP 2 solution from the system and recharge with fresh coolant mixture.

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