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Richtap R100

Richtap R100

Tapping Fluid

RICHTAP R100 is a naturally derived tapping fluid fortified with a unique combination of lubricity additives. RICHTAP R100 is ideally suited for tapping of steel, cast iron, ductile iron, galvanized metals, and aluminum alloys. This product is an ideal choice to replace water dilute-able coolants.


  • Outstanding friction and heat resistance, allowing faster machining and better part finishes.
  • No tramp oils, machine cleaners, or refractometers necessary, eliminating coolant maintenance and post cleaning processes.
  • Operator friendly through high flash point, no misting, and no mixing or measuring required.
  • No biocides, defoamers, or other costly additives, making the RICHTAP R100 a cost-effective option with low end use costs.

Used as received. The lubricant is typically applied directly to the cutting tool through an adjustable applicator. The lubricant must contact the tooling before cutting or forming begins. Increasing the feed rate eliminates hot parts and reducing the feed rate eliminates hot tooling.

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richtap r100

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