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Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI) Certification

Rowleys Wholesale is a Rotary Authorized Installer

Rotary has honored Rowleys with their certification process across many avenues of service knowledge.   Our equipment repair team has been given a Light Duty Above Ground Lift specification.  ServAll has evaluated our Performance Ratings and given Rowleys a 90%.  This standardized rating is based on our communication, response time and managing of paperwork; and our ability to properly diagnose and perform the service / install work. With an average Job done rating of 12 days our team can readily diagnose and perform work needed on any Rotary Equipment.

ServAll LogoServAll Managed Services

Rotary Lift’s ServAll™ is your source for a streamlined, easy to manage equipment installation and repair program. Using Rowleys factory trained and insured as your Authorized Installers (RAI), we have the capability to inspect, install, and repair equipment at your local facilities throughout Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll receive as a valued ServAll customer:

Nationwide Service

Single Point Contact for Nationwide Service: A toll free 800 number directed to Rotary Lift Headquarters in Madison Indiana will allow employees to check the status of pending lift repairs, schedule new repairs and setup lift inspections and installations via one phone number regardless of their location in the United States. Rotary will be actively dispatching, following-up and recording service activity during the entire service process.

Genuine Rotary Parts

Genuine Parts: The RAI network uses Rotary Genuine Parts when repairing lifts. These parts are designed to withstand their rigorous testing and ensure the lift the RAI is repairing meets ALI/ANSI safety requirements.


Rotary Authorized Installer NetworkRowleys Authorized Installer: Rowleys is factory trained on Rotary products, equipped to complete ANSI lift inspections, and has the ability to repair lift brands other than Rotary Lift. The RAI network is insured at the local level and backed up by Rotary’s own insurance policy to meet your insurance requirements.



Activity ReportingDaily, Weekly and Monthly Activity Reporting: Rotary will provide daily, weekly and monthly service ticket activity reporting that includes dates, dates to complete service, facility information, and services rendered.




Document Retention10 Years of Document Retention: Rotary scans and records for a period of 10 years any lift inspection or service related repair document provided to Rotary Lift by our RAI Network in relation to your facilities. Using our advanced document imaging system, we can provide copies of service/inspection paperwork in the event of a local government or OSHA inspection or to further analyze the service history of a particular service bay.



Our goal is to make the lift installation and repair process a seamlessly flowing system that exceeds safety requirements, does not interfere with your ability to repair vehicles and meets your goals to reduce cost, improve technician safety and eliminate downtime at every facility. Feel free to visit our Equipment Repair page for more information.  Or feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or would like to setup an appointment.

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