Saylor-Beall Air Dryers

Saylor-Beall Air Dryers

Summer is now in full swing and that means heat! Hotter temperatures allow the air to hold more water, and therefore cause many more moisture problems in your customers’ compressed air systems.  Dryers can be the solution.

Saylor-Beall offers a wide variety of air dryers and filters to counteract moisture problems. We partner with a few major air dryer suppliers to provide the best solutions to keeping your customers’ air dry. Currently, we can supply:

  • Refrigerated air dryers
  • Cycling dryers
  • High temperature inlet dryers
  • Desiccant air dryers


Did you know that for every 20-degree increase in temperature, air can hold double the moisture?

Compressor noise is often one of the top concerns of users when they select a machine for their application.

While the actual noise level can be measured in decibels from a particular distance, such as one meter or seven meters, there are many less specific items that will impact the customer’s satisfaction. First of all, the piece of equipment making the most noise is often the item that gets the most attention. As a

result, a quiet compressor might be irritating if it is the noisiest machine, whereas a noisy compressor might be acceptable if there are other items around making more noise.

Echoing also can amplify noise as sound waves bounce off walls, often converging to a point that accelerates the intensity of the sound. Therefore, a trained installer can help users with anything that dampens the rebound or changes the direction of that sound reflection.

The nature of a reciprocating compressor is a pounding sound whereas a rotary screw might be characterized as a constant buzz or whine. Factors that can impact sound levels from a compressor include its capacity and operating speed. Usually a larger capacity compressor will create a higher level sound than a lower capacity compressor. Higher RPM compressors usually create more sound than lower RPM compressors. Additional factors impacting sound from a reciprocating compressor include the sound deadening capacity of the compressor parts and intake silencers.

Saylor-Beall’s reciprocating compressors have always contained heavy cast iron parts that reduce sound. But more recently we incorporated an oversized intake filter silencer that reduces the noise even further. Many customers have referred to our products as the “Quiet Air Compressor” when these intake filters are part of the machine. For your convenience, Saylor-Beall has made the oversized intake silencer standard on all Performance Package machines.

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