Saylor Beall Crankcase Breather

Saylor Beall Crankcase Breather

While the new Saylor-Beall crankcase breather might seem low tech at a first glance, it is a substantial improvement to the operation of our compressor pumps. In a two-stage compressor there is always a problem with pressure pulsation as pistons move up and down through the cylinder.


Since the bottom of the cylinder chamber is also connected to the crankcase, the capacity of that chamber is altered with each stroke of the piston. When you combine the fact that two-stage air compressors have a large and small piston, the space left over for crankcase air is constantly changing, moving its pressure up and down. The pulsation places wear and tear on connected components such as the oil fill hole, site glass, unloader valve and low oil control.


The solution to this condition is a crankcase breather/vent large enough to allow the pressure normalize through the piston strokes. The new Saylor-Beall breather accomplishes this with its large size and large vent access hole. The breather also is baffled and contains steel wool in between the baffles to slow down vent air velocity and reduce the chance that oil might leak. The part was recently upgraded with a machined aluminum body to add strength and longevity.


We believe this upgrade will substantially increase customer satisfaction, and we are including it as standard on all 707, 4500 and 9000 model compressors.

Saylor-Beall Plant Tour Video Updated 2021

Check out our updated Plant Tour video updated for 2021 with our new Mazak in action!


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