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Service Pro Oil Filter Technical Bulletin SM4459A, SM4620, SM4622

October 26, 2015

Technical Service Bulletin SPB-027

***IMPORTANT NOTICE M4622, M4620, M4459A ***

Hyundai and Kia Oil Filter Recommendation Change M4459A

Service Pro oil filters M4622 and M4620 are no longer recommended on Hyundai and Kia applications where M4459A is shown as the “Original Option” or “OEM Replacement” filter.

For these applications, use only the M4459A.

This Technical Service Bulletin removes the consolidation of Service Pro spin-on oil filter model M4459A in select Hyundai and Kia applications.

Service Pro electronic catalogs have been updated to reflect this change of recommendation. The Service Pro 2015 printed catalog and all prior Service Pro printed catalogs are hereby changed to recommend ONLY M4459A for Hyundai and Kia applications.

On many Hyundai and Kia vehicles, an oil cooler is used as the mating surface for the oil filter. This original equipment oil cooler has a different inside diameter of the seal surface that is wider than the inside diameter of the gasket of both M4622 and M4620. Due to this difference, a slow leak may develop over time.

For the most recent update, go to Technical Service Bulletin ENG 103 February 9, 2016

Service Pro e-catalog at reflects the correct recommendations for all Hyundai and Kia vehicles. If you are unsure of the filter to use, please call the Service Pro Filter and Wiper Blade Technical Hotline at (800) 225-2837.

The Service Pro e-catalog is always the most up-to-date recommendation for all Service Pro filters and wiper blades.

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  1. Does this change back to the older filter number (4459) have anything to do with the oil pressure problem that people have experienced with aftermarket oil filters on hyundais and kias? Knocking and other engine noises have been reported. Hyundai/kia’s remedy seems to be performing and oil change with an OEM filter.
    Or is this strictly related to preventing the oring from leaking?

    1. Hi Mike, thank you for your comment.

      According to our vendor the technical bulletin that we published earlier about recommending only the M4459A for Hyundai and Kia applications had to do with a change that the OE maker made on the seal surface diameter on the oil cooler on the subject engines. The spin-on oil filter is mounted upon the oil cooler. Hyundai/Kia changed the oil cooler sometime in 2013/14 and after to a model that has a slightly larger inner diameter on the seal surface. This change rendered the “consolidation” of M4459a into M4620/22 questionable. We rescinded that consolidation as a move anticipating a problem and with consideration for an abundance of caution. We had very few concerns raised by any customers, but our fit-testing and lab work made us suspect of the proper seal given the change in the OE seal surface on the oil cooler.

      In a completely separate matter, Hyundai and Kia engines are getting a reputation for having unexplained spikes in oil pressure. Hyundai/Kia’s response to this has been to blame aftermarket filters. At the same time, Hyundai/Kia has introduced a spin-on oil filter for these engines that will withstand oil pressure spikes up to almost 500 PSI. This is unheard of on a four cylinder, 1.8 and 2.0 liter engine that normally operates at 40-60 PSI. Hyundai/Kia claims that the aftermarket filters are causing the problems. Everyone knows that a filter has NO ability to create oil pressure. Only the engine and its lubrication system components can create oil pressure. The filter is simply the softest link in the lubrication system on the engine since everything else in the system is cast iron or steel. Therefore, the oil filter will be the first to show signs of excessive pressure. Sometime the excess pressure simply “balloons” the filter and nothing happens. Sometimes it results in a gasket roll-out on the filter and loss of engine oil. It depends on how high the oil pressure goes.

      Service Pro filter M4459A is designed to withstand oil pressure of 300 PSI – five times higher than the normal operating pressure of the engine.

      Given the move that Hyundai/Kia has made in their OE oil filter, IPC has had this matter under study for consideration of changes. We expect to announce a firm position on this change very shortly. At this time, the Service Pro M4459A remains recommended for these applications.

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