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Shell Pro Academy Installer Training Modules

Shell PRO Academy IS LIVE!

The wait is over. Pro Academy is ready. You can now offer this training program to your sales team, customers, and prospects. Right now, there are 6 Transport and 5 Shell Rotella learning modules available. The Shell Rotella modules are specifically aimed at HDI and OEM dealer locations to help service writers and technicians know the products and make proper recommendations to their customers. Over the next few months we will build up the library to over 20 Transport learning modules, and we’re in the beginning stages of developing Industrial modules.


Important note: The intended audience is your customers and their employees (e.g. ABC Trucking Company’s maintenance managers, service technicians, etc…).


Making Our Biggest Differentiator Even Better


In research and in conversations, our customers always point to our technical team and their interactions as the most valuable asset that we bring to the table. Specifically, the majority of our customers point to the onsite training that our TAs give as a valuable differentiator. Luckily technology allows us the potential to bring training to every customer, every maintenance manager, every service technician, every small business owner, etc…


You can use Shell PROAcademy as a standalone offering, or you can combine it into a multi-step training program that includes onsite training from one of our TAs. For example, you could:


1. Perform a shop safety audit at a customer location

2. then require everyone at a customer site to take the “Making Your Service Area Safer” module on PROAcademy

3. Have a TA or Shell safety person give an onsite safety training



There are two ways that we can handle registration:


1. Group Registration – Reach out to your ICMM to register a large group via spreadsheet upload

2. Individual Registration – Distributors or your customers can register directly at for Installer training and fro Rotella Transport programs.

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