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New Service Pro Beam Blade SPBD Series

New Service Pro Beam Blade SPBD Series

The new Service Pro SPBD Series Beam Blades have begun appearing in stock since April 2017. This new beam blade is designed to look more like original equipment with a lower profile on the windshield.  The SPBD Series blades have all of the excellent performance characteristics of the SPBC Series blade.

The features of the new SPBD Series blade are as follows:

  1. No end caps on the blade. It has rounded ends designed to make it look more like OE.
  2. Low profile adapters designed to give a lower profile of the blade on the windshield.
  3. Adaptors fit all current applications of the regular beam blade including GMC trucks.

The new SPBD Series blade is manufactured in China rather than Korea. This creates the capability to consolidate this new beam blade with all other Service Pro filter and wiper blade products in the IPC Distribution Center in Shanghai.   Adding a cost savings advantage to our customers.

Check out the line as we run out of stock on the SPBC and move to the SPBD

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