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SPE4622 Service Pro Oil Filter Shortage

SPE4622 – Rowleys Wholesale has several months worth of stock as does our supplier. But the manufacturer may have a delayed production after February of 2019 which could impact our supply in the upcoming spring. We encourage our customers to pre purchase so your business is not affected by the upcoming demand overage.

The SPE4622 is the consolidated version of SPE4620. Rowleys Wholesale has a substantial supply of the SPE4620 on hand and don’t expect to see any demand issues here. An alternative is to have customers use Service Pro SPE4620 in the short term. The only difference in the filters is the overall height. SPE4620 is about 5/8” taller than SPE4622 but has all of the same characteristics as the SPE4622. 

Due to the similarities in these filters the E4620 can be used where the E4622 is recommended if clearance around the filter is sufficient to allow installation.

We do not foresee any issues with our shipments in the near future but encourage our customers to check stock now to ensure your supply chain is not interrupted.

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