New Paper Floor Mat, Boss Gloves and Pet Friendly Ice Melter

Slip N Grip Paper Floor Mat PPM3711LCA500 500 mats per box 17″ wide, length varies from 18.5″ to 22″ Low cost alternative light to standard traffic                                                           […]

New Snakeskin Nitrile Glove, Bada Tape Weights, and Valvoline Drums

Snakeskin Grip Powder Free Industrial Strength Nitrile Gloves with Raised Torque Grip. Over 7.0 mils thick. Allows for unsurpassed grip. Unique retail package allows for grab and go sales. Package 10 gloves per pack. Snakeskin gloves are not actually made from Snake Skin.   BSS120                     […]

Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves

Black Mamba Nitrile Gloves   Black Mamba Features and Benefits: patented Nitrex Polymer superior strength and tear resistance two-ply fusion strength unique process fuses an added polymer to facilitate donning and comfort chemical protection 3 times the chemical resistance of latex or vinyl made to grip….not to slip fully textured with Grip Rite finish, Mamba […]

Product Launchs from Royal Purple and Safety Items

Royal Purple 6 Gallon EcoBox Royal Purple is pleased to announce the availability of Eco Boxes for the top-selling grades in the high performance synthetic engine oil line.   The 6 gallon / 24 quart boxes provide oil change facilities efficiency benefits in the storage and handling of their oil assortment. Resulting in less waste […]

New: Service Pro Starting Fluid, JohnDow Tire Taxi, Service Pro and Modern Grip Gloves

New Service Pro Starting Fluid Packages                     New John Dow Tire Taxi                     New Service Pro and Modern Grip Nitrile Gloves                             Please follow […]

Pennzoil Gift and Apparel Items

Gift and Apparel.  Gear Up with Pennzoil Merchandise Apparel & Hats (Rowleys also stocks some nicely priced items for fast delivery with your product) Automotive & Tools Drink ware Events Gifts Golf & Leisure Office Tools Hard copy of the printed catalog is Part # SH6103240 and can be added to your regular orders. And […]