New WD40 Specialist, Fuel Filter, and Purity FG Gear Oil

New WD40 Specialist Gel Lube Thick gel lubricant stays where you spray it 12x longer lasting lubrication prevents rust up to 1 year outdoors and 2 years indoors withstands extreme weather conditions perfect for lubricating and protecting vertical surfaces WD300103 Service Pro Fuel Filter SPTD10591 Product Category: Fuel Filter Filter Style: Fuel Special OEM Manufacturer: […]

Service Pro Chemical – Professional Car Care Installer Brochure

Service Pro Chemicals – Professional Car Care Installer Brochure We’ve put together the following brochures for our Service Pro Chemical Service kit customers. Customers should be able to insert the graphics into a word document or other simple program in order to print them. This way you can print 3 of the same brochure on […]

Detailing Chemicals from Service Pro

Detailing Chemicals by Service Pro Click the first line for a product sheet and the bulleted line for a link to our product page to order the items. SP0050 Glass Cleaner Item SP0676 Carpet Stain Remover Item SP0936 Instant Shine Item SP0985 All Purpose Cleaner Item SP1558 Fabric Cleaner Inverted Spray Item       […]

New: Service Pro Starting Fluid, JohnDow Tire Taxi, Service Pro and Modern Grip Gloves

New Service Pro Starting Fluid Packages                     New John Dow Tire Taxi                     New Service Pro and Modern Grip Nitrile Gloves                             Please follow […]

Service Pro Brake Cleaner

CHLORINATED VERSUS NON-CHLORINATED BRAKE CLEANER WHY? During the late 80’s oil recyclers starting checking oil for “chlorinated” solvents If they found chlorinated solvents in the drain oil, they were refusing the drain oil because they could not recycle chlorinated solvents out of the drain oil The brake cleaner industry came up with a non-chlorinated version […]

Service Pro Professional Car Care System

2-STEP FUEL INJECTION AND INDUCTION TUNE-UP KIT • Safely removes harmful deposits and build-up from fuel injectors and intake valves • Restores engine performance and improves fuel mileage • SP300FI or SP303IV service tool required; may be used with most fuel injection service machines SP9102 2 Step Kit 2-STEP COOLING SYSTEM RE-CHARGE KIT • Cleans […]