Graco IM20P Meter

Graco IM20P Meter Simple, Wired Metering Solution The IM20P wired electronic meter delivers precise in-line dispenses for in-plant, industrial and other applications. Its heavy-duty aluminum exterior and sealed electronics protect against corrosion inside or outside the plant. Designed and manufactured by a proven leader in meter technology, it’s capable of flow rates up to 20 […]

Graco XDX and SDX Series Hose Reel

Graco XDX and SDX Series Hose Reel SDX Hose Reel –  Strong and versatile for professional-grade performance. The SDX series is a professional-grade hose reel built for a wide range of applications including service shops, dealerships, municipal garages and industrial sites. Engineered with Graco’s steadfast commitment to quality, the SDX offers a rigid metal frame […]

Graco Heavy-Duty PM Electronic Preset Meter

Graco Heavy-Duty PM Electronic Preset Meter Choose Graco’s PM™ 8 and PM™ 20 for robust, dependable electronic preset meter. Designed for extreme, heavy-duty environments, these meters dispense accurately and extend uptime. When you’re managing fluids, every drop counts. So does every dollar. Graco preset PM meters dispense exacting amounts of petroleum, synthetic oils, antifreeze and […]

Graco LDX Series Hose Reels

Graco LDX Series Hose Reels Choose Graco’s entry-level industrial-grade LDX™ hose reel for high-quality construction and consistent performance backed by superior, highly responsive support. Designed with an all-metal frame and specially crafted components, the LDX ensures smooth release and retraction to optimize confidence in cost-conscious smaller garages, independent repair facilities and industrial manufacturing environments. The […]

Graco EGP Electric Oil and Fluid Transfer Pumps

Graco EGP Electric Oil and Fluid Transfer Pumps Choose cost-saving convenience with the all-new Graco EGP™ electric on-demand and fluid transfer pumps. Attach the EGP transfer pump directly to roll-around barrels for more mobility in more places. Replace traditional pneumatic pumps with the EGP on-demand pump and reduce operating costs. Both offer the same powerful, […]

Rotary Lift options Available in Stock Now

Rotary Lift options Available in Stock Now Rotary Lifts available While Inventory Lasts Rotary Lift Details: ROSPO10 – 10,000 Lb. 2 Post Symmetric ROSPO12 – 12,000 Lb. 2 Post with Truck Adapter ROSPOA10 – 10,000 Lb. 2 Post Asymmetrical with Flip up Arm ROSPOA10EH2 – 10,000 Lb. 2 Post Asymmetrical with 2 Foot Extension ROSPOA10N8TO […]

Graco Top 100 Distributor 2020

Graco Top 100 Distributor Rowleys Wholesale is proud to announce we have received the Graco Top 100 Distributor award for 2020. The purpose of this program is to acknowledge top performing distributor partners for their excellence. We know our successes are based on our customer’s own successes. So we wanted to extend our Thank You […]

Shell Hydraulic Fluid Basics – Featuring Tellus

Shell Hydraulic Fluid Basics Check out a Shell Hydraulic featured item. Tellus hydraulic fluids. Hydraulic Applications and Systems Hydraulics are used in all Industrial Sectors Manufacturing (e.g. injection moulding machines, presses, M.W.) Mobile equipment (e.g. construction equip., agricultural machinery, utility equip.) Mining, oil rigs, bridge and lock gate machinery, rescue equipment Typical Hydraulic Fluids Most […]

Saylor Beall Crankcase Breather

Saylor Beall Crankcase Breather While the new Saylor-Beall crankcase breather might seem low tech at a first glance, it is a substantial improvement to the operation of our compressor pumps. In a two-stage compressor there is always a problem with pressure pulsation as pistons move up and down through the cylinder.   Since the bottom […]