Richdraw 5450 Edrich Products

Richdraw 5450 Heavy Duty Drawing/Stamping Lubricant RICHDRAW 5450 is an oil-based drawing and stamping lubricant. The synergistic blend of extreme pressure and boundary additives enhances formability and anti-wear properties. An ideal choice for severe forming of various steels including stainless and cold rolled. Used as received for deep drawing, heavy duty and fine blanking, spinning, […]

Richtap R100

Richtap R100 Tapping Fluid RICHTAP R100 is a naturally derived tapping fluid fortified with a unique combination of lubricity additives. RICHTAP R100 is ideally suited for tapping of steel, cast iron, ductile iron, galvanized metals, and aluminum alloys. This product is an ideal choice to replace water dilute-able coolants. Benefits Outstanding friction and heat resistance, […]

Richcut R90

Richcut R90 Straight Oil – Machining, Grinding, and Gun Drilling RICHCUT R90 is an EP fortified straight machining oil specifically formulated for the machining, grinding, and gun drilling of ferrous, non-ferrous, and carbide containing metals. RICHCUT R90’s extreme pressure and lubricity additive package enhances part finishes and measurably extends tool life. BENEFITS Excellent extreme pressure […]

ACT Integration Shell Lubricants

ACT Integration Click the document before for full details on the new ACT Shell PAG fluid integration process. Call your Rowleys Representative for more details. Or click here to shoot us a message. We will have one of our skilled reprentatives get right back with you. ACT Integration Please follow and like us:

Richcut 5609

Richcut 5609 Synthetic Machining & Grinding Coolant RICHCUT 5609 is an oil-free synthetic machining and grinding coolant for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. RICHCUT 5609 is ideally suited for general purpose machining and grinding where one coolant is desired for both operations. The ultimate in coolant cleanliness and tramp oil separation. BENEFITS Excellent extreme pressure and […]

Shell Tellus S2 MX 46 Industrial Hydraulic Fluids

Shell Tellus S2 MX 46 Shell Tellus S2 MX 46 Industrial Hydraulic Fluid, Group II Base Oil Technology, Industrial Applications Long Oil Life Extra Protection Maintain System Efficiency Industrial Applications Tellus S2 MX 46 Shell Tellus S2 MX fluids are high performance hydraulic fluids based on Group II base oils that provide outstanding protection and […]

Richcut 5525

Richcut 5525 Heavy Duty Semi-Synthetic Richcut 5525 is a low oil, semi-synthetic coolant for heavy machining jobs. Richcut 5525 was designed to machine ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Richcut 5525 combines the lubricity of a soluble oil coolant with the cleanliness of a synthetic coolant in one product. Richcut 5525 contains a special additive package, providing […]

KOSTChill EG HD Heat Transfer Fluid

KOSTChill Heat Transfer Fluid The family of KOSTChill heat transfer fluids, inhibited glycol-based heat transfer fluids, are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials. Each KOST USA fluid is specially formulated with state-of-the-art inhibitor packages that prevent corrosion, which minimizes fluid expense and extends fluid life. Applications Include: HVAC Systems – Freeze, Burst, Corrosion Protection […]