Royal Purple – Rain Jacket Promotional Offer

Royal Purple DON’T GET CAUGHT IN THE RAIN Rain Jacket Installer Incentive Purchase 10 cases or 15 gallon equivalent to receive a Royal Purple Starter Kit, Rain Jacket and Hat. April 1st through June 30th, 2022. Rowleys Wholesale will submit on your behalf. Check out our Royal Purple products here. Please follow and like us:

Graco Top 100 Distributor 2020

Graco Top 100 Distributor Rowleys Wholesale is proud to announce we have received the Graco Top 100 Distributor award for 2020. The purpose of this program is to acknowledge top performing distributor partners for their excellence. We know our successes are based on our customer’s own successes. So we wanted to extend our Thank You […]

Mobile App for vehicle applications from Service Pro

Service Pro Mobile App Please check out the new Service Pro Mobile App. If you are already using the Service Pro App (old version) please delete it from your device and reinstall this new version. We’ve included some easy links below to help you access the latest version.               […]

TECH TIP – Non-Detergent and Ashless

TECH TIP Non-Detergent and Ashless – What does it all mean? Detergent additives are used in some metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants and greases, but they are most widely found in engine oils today. Detergent additives keep metal components free of deposits and neutralize acids formed by oxidation or combustion products, they provide engine cleanliness and protect […]

New Items AeroShell Fluid 41, Royal Purple EcoBox & Shark Abrasives

AeroShell Fluid 41 Super clean mineral hydraulic fluid. Approved to MIL-PRF-5606. AeroShell Fluid 41 is a mineral hydraulic oil manufactured to a very high level of cleanliness and it possesses improved fluid properties. It contains additives that provide excellent low-temperature fluidity as well as exceptional anti-wear, oxidation – corrosion inhibition and shear stability. In addition, […]


THOUGHT LEADERSHIP HIGHLIGHT Passenger car engine oil misconceptions explained   Thought Leadership: The engine design of passenger cars has evolved significantly over the last 50 years to meet customer and regulatory needs, and today, each Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has a different engine design that demands a high performing engine oil. But what does this […]