PURITY™ FG AW 32 EARNS STAMP OF APPROVAL FROM JBT AVURE TECHNOLOGIES Avure Technologies, a subsidiary of JBT Corporation, has officially approved Petro-Canada Lubricants PURITY FG AW 32 hydraulic fluid in high-pressure processing (HPP) lines. PURITY FG AW 32 earned approval after demonstrating that it meets the performance specifications required, with support data from a […]

PetroCanada Tech Tip – Compressor Lubrication

PetroCanada Tech Tip – Compressor Lubrication TECH TIP   Compressor Lubrication & Updates to the Petro-Canada Lubricants Product Offering   Customers in a variety of industries utilize different types of compressors manufactured for a variety of purposes. Compressors can also serve as blowers and vacuum pumps.   The Lubricant requirements vary based on the compressor type, […]

Mechanisms of Wear and Basic Characteristics

TECH TIP – Basic Characteristics and Mechanisms of Wear   Definition of Mechanisms of Wear. Wear is the continuous damage process of surfaces, which are usually in contact and typically in movement. It is the inevitable result of friction. The failure of a mechanical component occurs in three ways: wear, fatigue and corrosion. Among them, wear […]

DuraDrive 668 Tech Services Petro Canada

TECH SERVICES SPOTLIGHT DuraDrive 668 Check out our PetroCanada DuraDrive Synthetic ATF 668 products here. Last year, Allison Transmission unveiled a new specification for their heavy-duty ATF program called TES 668™ Now, Allison-approved TES 668™ ATFs are hitting the market.   In the latest episode of Petro-Canada Lubricants Live, Paul Hetherington, senior technical services advisor and president of […]

Petro Canada Thought Leadership

Petro Canada Thought Leadership 2020 Thought Reflection: The passenger car industry, like every other, has been affected by COVID-19. But together, we’ve navigated the challenges to help our distributors and installers come out of the pandemic stronger.   As ever, attracting and retaining customers has been essential this year. To support our partners, we’ve launched […]

Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids – Tech Tip

TECH TIP  Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids – Excellent Choice   As the weather starts to warm, we turn our thoughts to spending time outside and being able to enjoy nature.  Many of the lubricants we sell today impact our environment as they may come in contact with soil and ground water, many due to inadvertent leaks in […]

Petro Canada Tech Tip for Sumps and Reservoirs

Petro Canada TECH TIP Why Maintaining Proper Oil Levels in Reservoirs and Sumps is Critical   Petro Canada knows that whether the case is automotive – (engines, transmission, differentials), gearboxes, circulating systems or pumps; maintaining proper oil levels in reservoirs and sumps is imperative for both the equipment and the oil itself.   When oil […]

TECH TIP – Non-Detergent and Ashless

TECH TIP Non-Detergent and Ashless – What does it all mean? Detergent additives are used in some metalworking fluids, industrial lubricants and greases, but they are most widely found in engine oils today. Detergent additives keep metal components free of deposits and neutralize acids formed by oxidation or combustion products, they provide engine cleanliness and protect […]