THOUGHT LEADERSHIP HIGHLIGHT Passenger car engine oil misconceptions explained   Thought Leadership: The engine design of passenger cars has evolved significantly over the last 50 years to meet customer and regulatory needs, and today, each Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) has a different engine design that demands a high performing engine oil. But what does this […]

Heat Transfer Systems

Heat transfer systems The hot topic    Strong brand. Reach compliance. One-flush performance. A heat transfer system game-changer. Petro-Canada Lubricants’ cleaning and flushing fluids have taken on our powerful CALFLO brand – and our cleaning fluid now has the high performance REACH-compliant formula customers told us they wanted. New! CALFLO Cleaning Fluid Our new formulation […]

DuraDrive 668 HD Synthetic ATF

DuraDrive 668 HD Synthetic ATF Allison trusts DuraDrive. So should everyone else. Introducing the global factory fill fluid for Allison Transmission’s new tough specification – TES 668™. DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668. Allison created TES 668™ to give customers more. DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668 delivers. We created DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668, an ATF so advanced and […]

Synduro SHB 100 from Petro Canada

SYNDURO SHB 100 FOR INDUSTRIAL GEARS, BEARINGS and COMPRESSOR APPLICATIONS SYNDURO SHB 100 is the latest addition to the SYNDURO SHB line of synthetic multifunctional fluids specially formulated for the lubrication of gears, bearings and air compressors operating under demanding conditions. SYNDURO SHB fluids are available in 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220 and 460 […]

Compro E Compressor Fluids by Petro Canada

COMPRO E COMPRESSOR FLUIDS High-performance lubricants for compressor applications COMPRO E Compressor Fluids are a new line of fully synthetic, shear-resistant, high-performance ester compressor fluids. These fluids are designed to provide excellent protection for reciprocating cylinder and crankcase lubrication, and rotary vane and screw compressors. COMPRO E Compressor Fluids are blended with completely ashless formulations […]

Environ MV R readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid

Introducing ENVIRON MV R readily biodegradable hydraulic fluid Protection for your equipment and the environment. ENVIRON MV R is the newest product in our ENVIRON product line. Blended with high-VI, high-quality base oils and superior additives that are free of zinc and other metals, ENVIRON MV R meets and exceeds OECD 301B readily biodegradable requirements. […]

Hydrex field testing for Power Savings

Field Tests reveal a power savings of up to 41% with Hydrex HYDREX EXTREME and HYDREX XV outperform monograde hydraulic oils in low-temperature operations where system responsiveness is key — including hydraulic safety devices — to help your equipment deliver peak performance even in extreme conditions.   Petro-Canada Lubricants and MSOE completed a study about […]

New Sierradial HT Plus, Purity FG2 and Fluid Film Black

New Sierradial HT Plus You can also check out for more details or call your Rowleys Representative. TWTIRECATALOG hard copies also being distributed now. Call in with your next order if you haven’t received one and would like to. Tire options can be found by following this link. Delta Sierradial HT Plus is a […]

SENTRON CG 40 for Jenbacher Type 4 Engines

SENTRON™ CG 40 extends oil drains for Jenbacher Type 4 engines in biogas applications INNIO has now approved SENTRON CG 40 for use in their highly advanced Jenbacher Type 4B and C engines. That makes SENTRON CG 40 the first and only medium-ash oil approved for use in these Jenbacher engines running on several classes […]