#1 Global Lubricants Supplier for the 11th Year in a Row!

Shell Lubricants Shell held its global market leading position with an 11% market share, in terms of volume– selling 4,400 kilotonnes of finished lubricants. This is equivalent to almost 5 billion litres of finished product. Sales are split almost evenly between sales to the consumer automotive, industrial and commercial automotive sectors. Huibert Vigeveno, Shell Global […]

DPQA Program by Shell Lubricants

Our Commitment…. Shell Lubricants and Rowleys Wholesale are committed to continuous quality improvements. Customers expect this commitment from Shell and their Distributors.  The Distributor Product Quality Assurance Program provides standards and inspections to assist and monitor the quality of Distributors who are authorized to handle and or repackage bulk lubricants. This is accomplished by contractually […]

Recycled Antifreeze Coolant Fast Facts

Recycled Antifreeze Coolant Fast Facts Antifreeze cannot be properly recycled using truck mounted equipment Antifreeze requires a distilling plant with the ability to remove heavy metals What is being recycled? Most shops dump all antifreeze formulas into one barrel for recycling. What are you getting back? Is it guaranteed? How does the recycler warranty the […]

Why Motor Oil Matters

API’s Certification Mark and Service Symbol Identify quality motor oils for gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles. Oils displaying these marks meet performance requirements set by U.S. and international vehicle and engine manufacturers and the lubricant industry. More than 500 companies worldwide participate in this voluntary program, which is backed by a marketplace sampling and testing program. […]