New Solar 4XS+, B’Laster Penetrant, & John Dow Sensor

New Solar 4XS+ You can also check out for more details or call your Rowleys Representative. TWTIRECATALOG hard copies also being distributed now. Call in with your next order if you haven’t received one and would like to. Tire options can be found by following this link.       THE ORIGINAL – PB B’LASTER […]

JohnDow TPMS The Five Strategic Elements for TPMS Success

John Dow TPMS Programmable Sensors DVT Pro-Select Programmable Sensors with Dual Valve Technology Three (3) DVT Pro-Select “programmable” sensors are designed to be programmed with several TPMS programming tools including ATEQ, Bartec, Snap-on and Dynamic DY-46. DVT Pro-Select sensors cover approximately 98% of the vehicles on the road today. The Dynamic Pro-Select sensors come with […]

New Cabin Air Filters, JohnDow TPMS Service Kits

New Service Pro Air Filters Available Product SKU #: SPMC10573 Product Category: CABIN FILTER Filter Style: PAPER FRAME OEM Manufacturer: HYUNDAI Product OEM #: 97133-F2000 Principal Application: HYUNDAI ELENTRA ’17 Product SKU #: SPMC10626C Carbon Product Category: CABIN FILTER Filter Style: PAPER FRAME OEM Manufacturer: VW / AUDI Product OEM #: 1K1 819 669 Principal […]

John Dow Dynamic TPMS Sensors

John Dow Programmable TPMS Sensors John Dow Dynamic TPMS Solution, The DVT Pro-Select TWO Sensor programmable solution! Easy to Use Dual Valve Technology Domestic, Asian & European Coverage Program Sensor with an ATEQ, Bartec or Snap-on Diagnostic Tool ID Clone Technology Wireless Programming Less Inventory to Manage Professional TPMS Tech Support JDDVTP3152     315 MHz […]