Water Repellency Wiper Blades by Rain X

Water Repellency Blades by Rain X Rain‑X® Latitude® Water Repellency wiper blades provide an innovative 2-in-1 solution to both clear and repel the elements for ultimate driving visibility. These wiper blades not only give you the superior wipe quality you’ve come to expect from Rain‑X® Latitude® blades, but now also treat your windshield with a water repelling coating for […]

Rain -X Latitude Water Repellency Wiper Blade

Rain -X Latitude Water Repellency Wiper Blade Water repelling technology product development and testing (consumer, fleet, and outside labs) actual coating on the blade production equipment to apply the coating Universal adaptor development and prototype tooling consumer and fleet testing to optimize design production equipment and materials Unique water repelling technology and a first in […]

ClearPlus Windshield Wipers with Intelli Curve

ClearPlus Windshield Wipers with Intelli Curve Hybrid Design CLEARPLUS Concealed metal frame. Rowleys Wholesale is excited to announce we will begin stocking a new product line this week.  This new technology Hybrid design combines the benefits of a rigid center structure (ability to lift heavier slushier snow) with beam style secondary hinges and tips for contouring around […]

Rain X Latitude 22″-A for 2014/15 GM Trucks

New Rain X Latitude Part number in stock now. RX810109. The all new Rain X Latitude 22″-A fits the PTB Arm on 2014/2015 GM Sierra / Silverado Full Size Trucks. Rain X Product Offering   The revolutionary Rain‑X Latitude® wiper blade contours to the curvature of your windshield to provide even wiping pressure along the […]