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JohnDow TPMS The Five Strategic Elements for TPMS Success

John Dow TPMS Programmable Sensors

DVT Pro-Select Programmable Sensors with Dual Valve Technology Three (3) DVT Pro-Select “programmable” sensors are designed to be programmed with several TPMS programming tools including ATEQ, Bartec, Snap-on and Dynamic DY-46. DVT Pro-Select sensors cover approximately 98% of the vehicles on the road today. The Dynamic Pro-Select sensors come with our 6-207A rubber valve and has “Dual Valve Technology” (DVT). The valve stems can easily be replaced other valve options shown below using the same sensor housing.

  • Over 95% vehicle demand coverage on Domestic, Asian & European vehicles

johndow tpms











DVT Pro-Select Sensor Features:

• Three Sensor Program – easy to manage and lower inventory investment
• 98% Vehicle Coverage – Domestic, European and Asian vehicles including wireless locate and hi-line/low-line protocols
• Fast Wireless Programming – no pad or cradles needed to program the sensors
• Program with Major TPMS Tools – (Bartec, ATEQ, Snap-on & OTC)
• Copy/Clone Capability – copy ID from old sensor and program the new sensor
• Through the Tire Programming – eliminates need to breakdown tire and wheel to reprogram
• Future Update Technology – new protocols can be copied onto the sensors without hardware changes
• Dual Valve Technology – easy interchange between rubber or metal valve options
• Online Data – Lookup application data available on Epicor, WHI, Wrench Head, Show-Me-The-Parts & MAM
• Manufactured and Tested to OE Specifications and Performance Standards


Brushed Metal Valve


Chrome Metal Valve


Black Metal Valve

dual valve replacements


DVT Pro-Select 315 MHz


DVT Pro-Select 433 MHz


DVT Pro-Select 433 MHz – for Auto Locate vehicles

dual valve sensors












Program the DVT Pro-Select with MANY of the TPMS Tools You Already Have

DY-46 Diagnostic Tool with OBDII

Dynamic’s TPMS diagnostic tool (DY-46) is an upgradable tool manufactured by ATEQ. This sturdy tool configures Dynamic’s DVT Pro-Select Programmable Sensors in seconds, will read all OE sensors and is upgradable to program all popular universal aftermarket sensors.

tpms programmable tool








• Programs the Dynamic Pro-Select Sensors

• Upgradable programming

• Reads all OE sensors, displays all OE available sensor data, ID #, tire pressure, tire temperature and battery status

• Wireless programming of DVT Pro-Select sensors

• 23 languages shown on an easy to read 2.8” color display

• Offers additional functionality by providing indirect, manual and auto relearn procedure information

• 5 year free updates

• 2 year extended tool warranty







programming directionscloning directions














TPMS continues to be one of the most complex services a shop will perform. Dynamic offers professional, knowledgeable TPMS tech support to ensure safe and reliable service while turning the bay in a timely manner.

  • Toll free Tech Support – 800-805-4058
  • Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Dynamic TPMS specialists are in-house and NOT an outsourced service

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