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Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Quick Reference on 303

Tractor Hydraulic Fluid


Quick reference Tractor Hydraulic Fluid Excerpt from the Uniform Method of Sale of Commodities: 2020 National Institute of Standards and Technology Handbook 130.









So can a low price-low quality THF really cost more in the long run? Well, according to Deere, Lubrizol, and others when asked if it would hurt a tractor to use fluid that doesn’t meet JDM-20A or JDM- 20C specifications, the answer is a definitive “Yes.” Lower treat rates on the antiwear could result in damage to the spiral gear in the final drive. It could also cause excessive wear in the planetaries. Lower treat rates on the friction modifier could result in improper and poor shifting. It could also cause improper operation of the wet brakes. The bottom line, in the words of Winslow: “Its use could bring the tractor to an early demise.” Deere agrees.

Jobbers World Tractor Hydraulic Fluid


Tractor Hydraulic Fluid – NCWM Approves Amendments to HB130















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